Blazes. Only big damn heroes need apply.

This game will be played using the classic (revised) version of Deadlands. It will take place all over the American West as normal, but the start date will be the day of the Reckoning, July 3rd, 1863. The posse will witness firsthand many of the major events that shaped the setting. The story will stress the good vs. evil aspect of Deadlands (with the posse representing the good).

We’ll be playing at my house in the Palm Harbor area off East Lake Rd and Ridgemoor. I’ve recently built a very large gaming table and I’ll have room for myself and up to six players. I’ll be running the game on Friday evenings/nights or on Saturday mornings/afternoons, and the schedule will be something like every two out of three weeks (unless everyone can commit to a weekly game). This gives every third week off for flexibility.